Future Ghosts

by Darren Francis

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All tracks created in the last two weeks of May 2015 and mixed in Avebury, Wilts, summer solstice 2015.

Text, voice: Darren Francis

Music: Darren Francis / Logos

The Side-Effects Of October incorporates elements of the Logos tracks Anodyne and Bipolar Binary.

4581 Asclepius incorporates elements of the Logos track Anhedoniac.

Wake Up Bad Guy incorporates elements of the Logos tracks deepblue2519 and [ # ].

The Puppet Has No Master incorporates elements of the Logos track Bipolar Binary.

1995 [The Empire Never Ended] incorporates elements of the Logos tracks Hypogirl and Deep Time.

The Movements Of All Mankind incorporates elements of the Logos tracks Friends and Bipolar Binary (Solstice Prologue mix by Jason Oliver).

Dreamers With Folded Wings incorporates elements of the Logos tracks Tesseract and .Sunday To Tuesday [No One Calls].

At The Speed Of Film incorporates elements of the Logos track Angelhair.

Her Is All incorporates elements of the Logos track Dreamer.

Cygnusolar incorporates elements of the Logos track db00215.

Black Stars Will Have Their Season incorporates elements of the Logos tracks Fire In The Mind and Hypoboy.

Where We Circle incorporates elements of the Logos track Unified Field Object.

K & I [Panthalassa Shoreline] incorporates elements of the Logos tracks Sidereal and Shamania.

Please see my website darrenfrancis.co.uk for further information about this album.


released July 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Darren Francis London, UK

Writer and musician. Belong, Left At The Luna Mansion, Open The Dog, Uforia, Future Ghosts, Skin, God Thing, Spell, Logos.

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Track Name: The Side-Effects Of October
the alchemy of skin and broken glass
the soft elation of rain on face

husk moon
stray stars

content in
their own debris

scars so deep
they touch the bone

turning leaves
rain-slick streets

wood smoke
the side effects of october
Track Name: 4581 Asclepius
another twilight
put through the human thresher


the peaked meat
of matter

how many remain?
how much longer?

night pushes open the door
leers and sharpens knives

we run from sight
across london fields

you're holding your own hand
not mine

i down beer
at the speed of starlight

sirens but there's ever sirens
epiphanies but there's ever epiphanies
Track Name: Wake Up Bad Guy
sometimes feel as if i passed out
drunk at century's turn; woke up
to be told through hungover glaze
by a laughing puppet that it's 2015

that sudden flick of a switch;
one moment 2000 light years from home
the next pressed against
the wall of a club

beer-sodden and cigarette-rolling
and the universe’s central spin
dancing in a frock coat
and with swaying bob before me
Track Name: The Puppet Has No Master
day to day
hour to hour
second second
all i do is circus


in my suffering
who is the sufferer?

it happens to me
it afflicts me

but i am stood aside;
i look on;

where am i
in that?


i want to phone my employer
say 'i can't come in today.
why? don't you realise
this world is a
surreal ontological joke?
a puppet show?'


i move so quickly
from one assumed persona
to the next
i forget
who i was
underneath it all


i play this role
of being real
of place to be
i play this role


the bust silk gnash
the rust black weight
red moon laugh
and blade unfurl
to the shorn singularity
of night

not star too far
my teen dream sing
the teeth that speak
my curtain pricked

to the shorn singularity
of night

where blood is word
where meat bells grin
where i stitch and pin
pikaia puppet

to the shorn singularity
of night
Track Name: 1995 [The Empire Never Ended]
she is 1995
a ribbon
a chime
a dust cut mirror
silver lined
as star-tips mine
my glass
in berlin time
Track Name: The Movements Of All Mankind
night is collected in your room
you breathe its rhythm

dead lots

of your lips

these memories
are no longer mine


you window-watch
out there;

so still

suburbia foxed
under streetlight
car beams
you blade-dig
for welcome blood


your skin tastes of tears
of could have been
of a life lived
in the passenger seat


when the cosmic joker
fucks with you
he never fails to do so
with style and a sense of irony


you finger-write your love
in a bus window's steam

the bus pulls into depot
and all depart

only your words remain
until the next rain


that murmur you hear
ever in the air
and which you mistake
for wind;
the sound of the universe
laughing at its own absurdity


'when you're a kid
your world is filled
with magic'
you say
'but as you
grow older
your soul dies
from the inside out'


i have no difficulty
picturing you
on a beach

into the waves
and never turning back
Track Name: Dreamers With Folded Wings
swept by
fingers sing
my should have been

her taut
her stray
her season

what wilds her
that's where
i want to be

bind moon
sine swift
feral light

where was she
when i was
for sale?


that page
that tinct
that nudge me to

where's what i know
wide between
nine and what i do


come into
my breath
my name

my no
my lieu
my lungs

grade my light
field my occult vision
Track Name: At The Speed Of Film
london my lovesong
that ever sings itself

what are my needs?

sketch pad
wheat field
she curve

nothing else a fret for

plastic howl of
grave-bright stars
twin trees carve
their velveteen

gimme stub and soil
peroxide time
your chic
eighteen hole shriek
Track Name: Her Is All
her mass
her spin
her point
her pull
her burn
her fuse
her spike
her light
her arc
her surge
her tide
her turn
is all

her blood
her salt
her cell
her bone
her wave
her word
her grain
her set
her swoon
her breath
her rain
her thorn
is all

her glass
her rust
her dust
her chrome
her tower
her smoke
her steel
her gloss
her click
her now
her tight
is all

her ghost
her drift
her fossil
her faery
her grievous
her meat
her fold
her dear
is all
Track Name: Cygnusolar
epiphany come
epiphany go
i slap them
against the window

see which crack first
glass or dream
see how solid
each render reckons itself


by avebury stone
i drink myself blank
strand of all season
bleeding through
for solstice sun
for ancestor stain
for history come
i drink


sink your bone
your mother memory
either go away
or go all the way

bring the sun
miss speed miss delic
second of no
still of yes in motion


it's only
human pain
it's just
the stink of love

stolen sun
motherfucker shine
Track Name: Black Stars Will Have Their Season
mind on fire
a lattice of light
a seething blank

not that
not this
not then

I point to point
to teeming

no mine
no lock
no reason

seed nihil nil
in mire of
even black stars have their season
Track Name: Where We Circle
black dogs and mental pills
seasons in the sun

pentagram a gift of me
a zero on my tongue

silbury have a light for me?
got took away my moon

sea and tree are me i know
i quit that split too soon
Track Name: K & I [Panthalassa Shoreline]
ma matter
give me moonmilk

hollow hill
faer melody

are no gods left
to hear me?

is pick and pit
all mere remain?

is upturned grove
all wait you?


hack pen
bled sound

strip moon
curves weight

drips word
drops field

grass rent
bass tripped

your slight
spent breath

dead stars


there is only
rap tap rap

racket of

knocking on
your inoculated ear
Track Name: Her Constellation
all matter is bones
of dead demons

every time has
already happened

all deed she do
is echo; aftershock

we are just
passing through


no breath of god
but us

we kiss against sidereal
couple in space of reason

which asterism
shape we?

what starllit stitch
through black grass?


i don't miss her
i miss myself

the once i was
she made me

slippery heat
of memory

electric din
of what we were

we feathered ghosts
how we moved

what binary spin
gave we


set to side
turned to drift
in search of
her constellation

sheared night
torn breath
taut hands
blush skin

no further words
are wanted